Friday, April 6, 2012

Classification of Animals

Years ago the kids and I created a classification notebook during our study of zoology. I have personally been fascinated with it ever since. There is something fun about knowing the Latin names of plants or animals and understanding how they are grouped together.

Of course our notebook only ended up including a small portion of all the animals on the face of our wonderful planet. But it helped them (and me) understand a more about how animals are grouped together. For instance, a koala bear is not a bear at all. I has a pouch like a kangaroo which groups it with the marsupials. Of course one of the most awesome things about homeschooling is that mom sometimes gets to learn right along with the kids. And learning this was one of those many exiting moments I shared with my kids.

Recently I wondered what cool homeschool file folder game I could make. I started playing with all that classification stuff that fascinates me. I thought about that whole koala thing at wondered about combining bears and marsupials as a fun way to show the where that koala really fits while learning the Latin names and so forth. I've had fun with this one and am pretty excited that I finished it and got it online today.

I think there needs to be more though. But what? What other animals would group together well to make additional games like this one? I'd love some feedback.

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