Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Learning Ideas

Summer is a great time for a change of pace...let your hair down.
Let these ideas add you your summer fun and learning.

Step into the past
Visit or volunteer at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake or the American West Heritage Center in Logan.
Take a picnic and go to the canyon (or go camping)
Identify animal tracks or homes. Identify plant flora and fauna.
Learn more about provident living
Find on alternative cooking methods. Don't turn on your stove or oven for three days. Learn to make cheese. Learn to make soap. Stockpile your wood for winter
Celebrate the 4th of JulyRead about the founding fathers and then have a costume party. Attend a parade. Or be in the parade.
Celebrate Pioneer Day
Make pioneer costumes. Participate in a primary parade.
Do handicrafts
Learn to sew or teach your children to sew, knit, crochet or any other handicraft. Get involved in 4-H either as a family or by joining a club.
Attend the county fair. Get involved in the county fair.
Learn about finances
Hold a yard sale or find some other family project to raise some extra cash. This can vary from selling produce from your garden at the local farmers market to mowing lawns or doing yardwork. Be creative the possibilities are endless. Frequent yard sales and learn how far a dollar can go. Teens can get their own jobs and save some money for college or missions. Work together.
Participate in the summer reading program at the library.
Get outside
Build a treehouse.
Attend a Luau. Attend local community celebration days. Watch for atisians, rides, perfomances (music, dances). Clean up your property. Take swimming classes or learn to scuba dive.
Reading Suggestions
Field guides. Our favorites are by Golden Press and DK Publishing
Hand-on Pioneers by Yvonne Young Merrill
Wild Days by Karen Rackliffe
The LDS Game Book by Alma Heaton
Scouting merit badge books
365 Art and Craft Activities by Rita Hoppert, Ed. D.
The Long Ago Lake: A Child's Book of Nature Lore and Crafts by Marne Wilkins
North American Birdfeeder Handbook by Robert Burton
Star Gazers Map to the Stars:A Field Guide for the Northern Hemisphere
by Rolf J. Kappeli
Featuring Six Glow-In-The Dark Star Charts with Star Constellation and Key Star Glossary
Enjoy your summer!

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